How We Wear It!

It's playtime! We had a little fun trying on the winter made to order collection....of course taking it alllll so seriously....we don't actually think we could ever be anything but.....unserious. GAH! One day we shall grow up - NOOOO!!!!

Anywho, here we are in what we will be wearing from our slow fashion world this winter. 

Alexia donning the stunning SIENA TOP in pale blue with a white PADDINGTON SHIRT and light grey MONTREAL COAT. Down low she's rockin' the oh-so comfortable NYC PANTS in grey.
Sophie donning her sleek SIENA TOP in navy tucked-in to those sophisticated check navy ARECIBO PANTS with a touch of blue JACKAROO BELT.
Alexia donning the fab charcoal KOCO HAND KNIT with grey NYC PANTS to match!
Sophie donning her warm-as-toast REYKJAVIK SWEATER DRESS and Swedish LIA LEGGINGS.
Alexia donning the black CASPIAN BLOUSE with her black PARMA SKIRT
Sophie donning the blueeee CASPIAN BLOUSE with navy MAINE CHINOS
Ohh la la...

Alexia donning the black-stripe PADDINGTON SHIRT with the fab black PARMA SKIRT.
Sophie donning the blue-strip PADDINGTON SHIRT with her navy MAINE CHINOS

Alexia donning her fab black PARMA SKIRT (again!), grey SIENA TOP, check grey NAGOYA JACKET and black/cream LOCH NESS SCARF! Yeah yeah wrap it up!
Sophie donning her navy BELARUS SKIRT and navy OLIVIA STOCKINGS (blue-on-blue heaven), with the check navy NAGOYA JACKET and navy/red LOCH NESS SCARF.

Alexia donning the travel-buddy GINZA DRESS in black with black RUT TIGHTS ta boot!
Sophie donning the sexy chic GINZA DRESS in red with her navy TASSEL BELT and matchy-matchy navy OLIVIA TIGHTS!

Alexia donning her black GINZA DRESS and black RUT TIGHTS together with the MONTREAL COAT in black. Talk about dress to impress!
Sophie donning the sexy chic GINZA DRESS in red with her navy TASSEL BELT, navy OLIVIA TIGHTS and blue MONTREAL COAT for that winter warmth.

Available to order until 14 March via our online store or give us a call and we can do some video or phone stylin with you!



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Sancha dickson

Sancha dickson

I love the final dress but for the more mature it needs to be longer I think.

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