Drum roll please....Launching our...!

At the beginning of spending more time at home, we had lofty ambitions - yes we will digitise our CDs and create amazing Spotify playlists, yes we will learn how to make a scoby to feed our sourdough addiction, yes we will become skilled in the yogic art of the headstand - hmmm - sounded so doable at the time.

But human nature stepped in and hunkering down seemed the best play. Congrats to all who managed to achieve anything....as in anything! Hats off to you!!!

One element of our lives that we did give a little go to, was our wardrobes. We are both a little obsessed with fabrics, so have accrued a wardrobe not just full of Good Day Girl (13 seasons!) but we have pieces in there from many a moon of collecting that keep our hearts pumping......but not getting much wear. So we decided to get down and dirty and do some cleansing and editing of our own.

Couple that with us living in a time where we are not getting overdressed, in fact, we are getting underdressed - meaning that a decent percentage of our wardrobes is not getting much use. So if we were wearing 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, we might guess that now we are just wearing 10% of our wardrobe 90% of the time.

Which is great, but can get a little el'boro.

So we thought - imagine if we started to shop our own wardrobes and create new looks out of what we have. We get the feel of newness that as warm blooded beings we tend to crave, yet not have to invest in anything new as who knows what we are really needing to invest in? Let's try and make use of what we've got and maximise the value we have already invested in.

Are we sounding smart right now?! (We did just use the word invest three times). Tick!

So Good Day Girl Styling Service was born.

Woot Woot!

Hello organisation, hello chic, hello not having to think, hello unlocking the value in your wardrobe. 

We have created a page on our website with all the nitty gritty of the new service which you can find here but wanted to show you in pictures what it's really all about......so read on.

"Drowning in Clothes."
While this photo might depict someone in trouble, we came to converse about the joy of the weighted blanket. Have any of you tried it? Designed to promote calm and good sleep, they are blankets weighted with up to 9kg of crystal beads.....fascinating! While that aside has merits of it's own, "Drowning in Clothes" is a real phenomenon. It can lead to spontaneous and sometimes explosive rants as you go to get dressed of a morning. Too many clothes - nothing to wear. 

"Keep or Give"
See you later Scrabble, the new game in town is "Keep or Give." It's easy to play. You need three players. Player One holds the "Keep" sign, Player Two holds the "Give" sign and Player Three stands in front of their wardrobe holding up each piece of clothing to Player One and Player Two - who lightly argue the value of each piece and asks Player Three questions like "when was the last time you wore it" or "is that chocolate down the front of that top?" This game is intended to edit out the wardrobe giving all players a large amount of smug satisfaction (for different reasons...)
"Does this still fit me?"
It's a fairly easy question to answer but sometimes, we put something on, it clearly doesn't fit, yet we put it back into our wardrobes to deal with later........ Build that behaviour up over a number of years and presto you have a tonne of unworn clothing clogging up your wardrobe that will never see the light of day. Time to cut the cord!

"Just 2.3cm!"
While we are big believers in the "Give," there are also benefits related to the "Keep" and remodel. Giving a new life to a piece of clothing by modifying it will allow you to have inner conversations like - YES, I knew it was a good buy - I am so non-wasteful - I am a totally responsible consumer, Craig Reucassel will love me. There are lots of statistics out there about how wearing a piece of clothing for a longer period of time reduces your carbon impact and while that's allllll fine and dandy, it's a bit too complex for our heads. Which is why we are in fashion, not science. That said, the simple equation of wearing something more = you get more value out of it = you don't need to buy anything new = the energy to create that new piece is then not used.....ahhhh si si....

"Take-it-away girls!"
One pitfall of the declutter and wardrobe edit is when you have successfully gone through your wardrobe, dutifully made your piles of clothes to donate, archive or remodel and those piles get moved from your bed to the floor to behind the door.....and they stay there for like....a year. That is just the pits, and we don't want any of you to experience it. So we'll take it away for you. Yup! Tis the goods!

So there you go - some pictorial reasons why we are so into this idea of the Styling Service - it's also embedded in our slow fashion hearts. We would love to play with you in person, if you have a hankering check out the special page dedicated to it on our site just here. And please do feel free to pass this around your friends and family - we're ready and able to create wardrobe nirvana for one and all.


If you would like to purchase a Styling Service Voucher, you can do so here



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