No waste for mother earth to wear.

Good Day Girl has sustainability at its core - no overproduction, no waste and local manufacturing.

We are slow fashion.

For our made to order business model to succeed, we had to rethink how our supply chain could work. We had to source fabrics, trims and find manufacturers to work with our non-mass system. We also had to invite clients into a slower world, to wait for their new styles - not an easy feat in this “want and have now” world.

But we found that we were not alone, with fabulous girls happy to jump on board a very traditional way of getting "wardrobed", yet reinvented for today.

In 2015 we were accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, the body that exists to ensure fair treatment for all who work in our local clothing and textiles industry.

We greatly admire global initiatives like Fashion Revolution that each year on 24 April asks the question "Who Made My Clothes"; documentaries like The True Cost and Jo Dunlop’s fab series Fashpack Freetown; Livia Firth is making celebrities accountable through her Green Carpet Challenge and local journalist Clare Press has done a tonne of research in her book Wardrobe Crisis: How we went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion.

It’s all about being responsible for what we create - produce only what is needed and use what is produced. Simple really!