Hello Nagoya Jacket

A number of years ago we designed a jacket - The Nipped In Jacket. As the name alludes, the style cinched in at the waist by either a tie or a buckle on the back - and it has been much loved. A fab piece to travel with - you can throw it into your bag, pull it out and look the goods with absolute ease - presto!

It's been that loved, we've had requests for it to return to the collection. So wwwaaacckkkiiieee do! It's baaaaack! Welcome Nagoya (formally known as Nipped in jacket).

This season we have cut it in two different types of fabric. Sourced from Japan, the first is a plain stretch cloth - in navy or black. With the second being a check - in navy or charcoal. Both are able to be washed in your machine or by hand when you are on the road. A great, unlined style, not bulky but wonderful to layer with knits for winter or tees for spring. Scrunch and push-up the sleeves then go forth with your adventure. Oh and Nagoya has two sneaky side pockets - just-the-way-aha-aha-we-like-it-aha-aha!

Nagoya Jacket is available to order until 14 March 2019. Delivery will be early May. We love to chat sizing, so please let us know if we can give you a hand! Check out Nagoya Jacket here.




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