Why Made to Order?

We are all different.
The right length is key. Our made to order system will ensure the right proportion.
You will walk out with clothes that fit you beautifully. 
Your size.
We’ll never run out of it - as designers, we felt the frustration of clients who would ask for a size that we no longer had or hadn’t produced.
We work for more women, with a size range of 6 to 20.
Less is more.
It’s about creating limited edition, high quality style that is of great function and fit.
We help you create a well-edited capsule wardrobe of go-to pieces that are worn day after day.
The less time spent on a clothing hunt, the better – it’s a jungle out there!
Our collections of updated classics coordinate with past and future seasons – the perfect shirt, pant, jacket, knit, dress –
in fabrics from Japan and Italy, that feel amazing to wear and are easy to care.
We bring the golden age of service back to life in our salon.
It’s personal, it’s attentive, it’s individual – we love getting to know our clients.
Style Knowhow. 
Ever bought something, taken it home and forgotten how to wear it?
We're your personal stylists. At your appointment we will style you up and show you how to do it yourself,
you'll leave with how-to style sheets and absolute confidence in how to rock it.
Good Sense.
As business owners in the fashion industry we know the current state of play is not sustainable. It is geared for waste.
We want to reverse mass production. Only making things that you actually want.
Our business model embraces this and we have forged steps to ensure our production is transparent,
making each piece locally and being accredited by ETHICAL CLOTHING AUSTRALIA.