So What is B Corp?

B Corp is an independent accreditation group that believe in redefining the world of business. With the goal of acknowledging and uniting those leveraging business as a force for good, the rigorous B Corp assessment examines a company’s governance, transparency, worker and community commitment, as well as environmental and social impact.

What Does That Mean For Us?

Good Day Girl proudly achieved the international B Corp status in January 2018, joining the ranks of Patagonia, Warby Parker, Koskela and many more conscientious ambassadors. With roughly 300 Australian and New Zealand B Corps, our local fellow brands include Glam Corner, Koskela, Four Pines, Kester Black and Who Gives a Crap, among many more.

Becoming part of this global community of companies committed to advocating positive change reflects our mission to not only create clothes that look and feel great, but to create clothes that can be confidently worn knowing they have been made under the highest possible ethical and environmental standards.

The B Corp World

Check out the fab B Corp world through their website to learn more about what they are doing. We like to think of our fellow B Corp companies as a community of like-minded people committed to flipping standards and harnessing business as a force for good.

Video credit thanks to Certified B Corporation