It's a Winter Fashion Show

So while we patiently wait for those days where the frizz goes from one's hair....and hot, restless nights are replaced by deep comatic sleeps under the warmth of the doona...hmmmm seems fitting to have a little fantasy time together looking at winter style and faarrrshion. Hello winter show!

But what's on Alexia's head? A muppet, a new pet? It's a WIG! Actually two of them, fashioned to create the best Dolly Parton look one could create within 24 hours of idea inception. BOOM!

Backstory, is that Alexia announced this week that Dolly Parton is her spirit woman. Yup - reasoning is that Dolly is feisty, fearless, she's tiny, can sing (really well) and can wear high heels. All power to that! So we back Alexia and enabled her Dolly to shine through...if only for an afternoon.

A massive thank you to all you wonderful girls who came and played with us - we absolutely loooove seeing you at our show - it gives us a massive buzz and we very much appreciate you supporting our slow fashion world!

Big thanks to our golden team! Thank you (and welcome) to our models Gina and Maya, along with Tania. Our crew Angharad, Lucy, Marcelle, Matilda, Melissa, Vikki and Vittorio, to the Hughenden Hotel for hosting us - and, last but not least, another huge thank you to all you lassies who joined us on the day with all your smiles and cheer!




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