Winter - A First Reveal
So what does a luscious green coat and spacey thigh high boots mean? It means FUN! Over the next week we are going to reveal new looks that have been styled up with a bit of an edge. 

We've designed a very edited collection of pieces that are both contemporary and classic - serving you well for seasons to come. They make up a workable wardrobe - dare we say, a capsule - to mix and match back with your favourites.

Along with a more adventurous mode of styling, we ponder some thoughts on how we see fashion existing in today's world.

Our first thought, "I'm building a time (saving) capsule," relates to the idea of each piece in our wardrobe having a role to play. We know how to wear it, we know what to wear it with - it's a piece that is regularly grabbed without thinking.

Capsule wardrobes are time savers - they are an edited selection of styles that work together and can be worn in different ways for different occasions -  showcasing the versatile beings that we are.

It's about less is more.

Welcome to our next made to order collection - if you'd like to explore a slow fashion world, we'd love to see you either at the Fashion Show next Saturday 22 February or in the salon for your appointment

Good Day Girl Winter Fashion Show
Saturday 22 February at 3.30pm - Phoenix Hotel, 1 Moncur Street, Woollahra
RSVP here

Trunk Show
Monday 24 February to Saturday 14 March - Appointments daily (friends welcome!)
Contact us here to grab your time


Thanks to Tom at Digital Habitus, Erin Fairs and Alex for working with us on the shoot.




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