Top Stylers for Winter

Time to spot the movers and shakers for winter! Any guesses?!?!? While our Paddington Shirt remains in the top six, we have new additions that have pipped it to first place. See below for the top six most styled styles as chosen by YOU!
#1 Siena Top

Lightweight, firm fit but stretchy and washable, the Siena Top is a layering dream! Blending the turtle neck trend with functionality and style, Siena will keep you warm and looking chic. Wear it over a cami or brassiere, pair it under a knit or style it up as a base layer under shirts, dresses, jackets or coats. With raw edged hemlines, Siena boasts long sleeves to allow for rouching at the cuff.
Discover Siena here.

#2 Nagoya jacket
Tailored yet relaxed, Nagoya is a wonder jacket on all fronts. Nipped-in for your pleasure and style, it is the cousin of "The Nipped in Jacket" that kept us all warm a few seasons ago. Unlined and super easy to wear, Nagoya can be scrunched and thrown in a bag to be pulled out looking fab so is your go-to traveling jacket. The back buckle nips in the waist to guarantee shape, while the sleeves can be rolled back for a casual look. 
Discover Nagoya here.

#3 Lyon Knit
Light as a feather and warm as toast, Lyon Knit can be worn as it's on piece or over a cami. Soft on the skin, easy to wear and wash, Lyon has rouching added to the inside sleeve and at the hemline for detail and to give it a great finish when worn over a waistline.
Discover Lyon here.

#4 Arecibo Pants
Nagoya and Arecibo sitting in a tree... Three cheers for the return of the pantsuit! Arecibo pants are stylish on their own or can be buddied with their sister the Nagoya jacket for a chick subtly plaid pantsuit look. Tailored but relaxed Arecibo pants boast a classic fit with a tapered leg. For a bit of flare we've added a strip of metallic piping from Japan that adds subtle detail down the side of each leg. Wash these at home and sit in them for hours, Arecibo will keep looking great - yaya!
Discover Arecibo here. 

#5 Paddington Shirt
It's a classic that never goes out of style! Relaxed across the body with a fitted shoulder (without any darts), the Paddington shirt has good body length with a little more at the back. It's tuckable or can be oh-so-chic worn hanging out. Wear it ironed and crisp for a formal classic, or loose (washed and dried on a hanger) for a more relaxed look.
Discover Paddington here.

#6 Antwerp Shirt
Antwerp is our new long shirt made with amazing light cotton from Italy that boasts a hint of stretch and stays midnight black! Antwerp is a relaxed man-style shirt with zero darts and an elongated cuff. Reaching mid-thigh, length extends at the back and can be worn beneath jackets or coats for a sexy-chic look.
Discover Antwerp here.



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