Who Wears the Pants? You Do!

And that's why we spend a lot of time on the fit..........Now brace yourselves - there's not one fit for all - butt we didn't have to tell you that, right? So we at Good Day Girl HQ have created four styles that offer your derrière choice. From our new stretchy NYC PANTS to our loose, liquid PARIS LOUNGE PANTS - we have a look for all. Here is our roll call for Winter 2017...

Cut from stretch Japanese cotton, these are perfect for when you want the comfort of jeans but feel like chic-ing it up a little..... They are a bit of a relaxed chino style, that you can either wear toighter or more relaxed in the leg. We took these bad boys off to the industrial laundry for a good enzyme and stone wash, so they are a little worn in and super soft. Check em out here.

A little bit smarter but just as comfy, the LONDON PANTS are cut from a stretch fabric and herald the most fab pinstripe. We like to mix these with more stripe action like our MILFORD KNIT or NORMANDY TOP. Elastic on the back for sheer comfort but flat on the front for top flattering points. Check em out here.

OK, when the girls who have tried these on come out of the change room doing an energetic knees-up walk, you know you're onto a good thing. Super stretchy and high waisted, these puppies suck everything in and give you supreme posture. In black and navy, they are the go-tos for winter and beyond. Stretch-a-lot here.

They're coming back girls, there's no denying it....actually we have been on the wide leg trail for a couple of years (ahhh Sashay Pants) and slowly but surely we are getting more of you to at least have a little flirtation with them. These wide leggers are divine! A micro-fibre from Japan means easy care and easy wear. They sit nicely under the button of the belly and the metallic piping running down the seam on the outside leg will set you off to chic-dom. And yes, all heights can wear these! Peek here.


Available in our Winter Made to Order Collection until 11 March 2017. 
Sydney - Melbourne - Perth Trunk Shows and online
Delivery first week of May.



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