Who made your accessories?

We know the power of the accessory - it can totally change the look and is a great way to add your individual style hit. Each season it gives us a lot of joy to collaborate with designers who specialise in accessories that work back with our collection. These designers encompass values that we hold dear - working in a slow fashion capacity, creating limited editions, offering an artisanal approach and often making things by hand.

This is our second season working with Marina from Bermuda Black. A self taught designer, Marina makes stunning leather belts and bags, all hand cut, stitched and finished. Based in Marrickville, Marina was able to source the elusive navy for our belts that we have been lovin. Thank you Marina!

Margot Design is a Paddington based design biz owned by the lovely Margot Warne who specialises in stunning silk printed scarves. This is the first season we have worked with Margot, who has the most fabulous eye for colour. All designs are drawn by hand, they are then created and coloured using software driven by Margot and when complete, they are printed in Sydney. Finishing touches are done by hand with the most gorgeous rolled hems. Thank you Margot!

Pip Smith and her family have a merino farm in Wellington NSW. A couple of years ago they thought - let's do something fabulous with the wool on our sheep's back, so created their label Love Merino. So they got to work creating a most stunning medium weighted knitted wool that they then have dyed at the Shibori House in Sydney and sewn into scarves. Stunning colours and so soft and warm - thank you Pip. 


About Fashion Revolution Week
20th-26th April: On the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more in 2013, we encourage millions of people to come together to campaign for systemic change in the fashion industry




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