Who Knitted our Jumpers?

This is our fifth season of working with the most wonderful social enterprise and fellow B Corp, Knit One Change One. Danielle Chiel has trained more than 250 women in rural India how to knit. She has created employment opportunities for her team by working with brands all over the world on unique hand-knitted creations.

This season, as you can imagine, they facing many challenges. With India in total lockdown for three weeks, the girls are facing a new reality. While we are still on for delivering your gorgeous jumpers and cardigans, we are facing delays - and will be updating you as soon as we have more information. In the meantime, we asked Danielle to give us a little bit of insight into how they are faring.

"Here is an update on our KOCO Indian team.  At first, the ladies were pleased to have a break. However, after realising that this meant going back to their old lifestyle (before starting to knit for us and before having regular employment), of cleaning and cooking meals all day for many people, as well as having their children at home, they quickly wanted the virus lockdown to stop. Our ladies love coming to work. They love seeing their friends and they love having their skills appreciated.

I talk with them every day.  During the lock down, I have spoken to all of our knitters (who have phones) at least once, and some of them many more times. They share what they love about coming to work, as well as what they don’t like about staying at home and feeling like a servant to their families.

All our ladies are 100% safe and well. They are in rural villages.

Thanks you so much for being a loyal supporter."

Danielle Chiel, KOCO founder.



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