What is a Trunk Show?

Dear Good Day Girls,

I’m new to your made to order business and I really like the look of what you do but I have no idea how it all works (yes I have read the website). Can you please help me! When do I get to see the clothes?

Interested yet perplexed

Dear Interested yet perplexed,

Yep we're a little on the confusing side (we like to dance to our own beat!) but let's try and break this puppy up...

What is a Good Day Girl Trunk Show?
It's your own private styling and shopping appointment to view the collection in da flesh and try on styles to see how they feel, fit and shimmy in. We have sizes 6 to 18 to try on.

The aim of the trunk show and the collection is to create “looks” or capsule wardrobes that suit you.

How does it work?
At the appointment we (Alexia and Sophie, the designers and chief tea makers) take you through the styles - we listen to what you are looking for - or you may say “I don’t want to think - please suggest things for me!” - and we get busy pulling out styles for you to try.

It’s then playtime - you do your workout for the day, in and out of lots of looks (or you may choose to just try on one piece). Some work, some don’t - and that’s just the way it is! At the end of the styling session we put all the winners up on the wall where you can ponder them with ease and then we play The Edit Game!

Is it in or out?

A couple of important questions we ask - Where are you wearing this? And what with? We always want to make sure there are no red herrings that will be getting no love in your wardrobe - that makes us sad and we don’t like that.

After some hard core analysis and thinking time with thinking caps on, you decide on what you would like to order (or not!). We make sure that the size is just right and the lengths are in good proportion for your bod.

We then ask for a 50% deposit, say “Ciao - see you in about eight weeks!” and you skip out feeling rightly smug about your ability to practise “delayed gratification” - no instant fixes for you! Go girl! You are in control!

Where is the Trunk Show?
If you are in Sydney or Melbourne, you can make an appointment at our salon in Paddington or at the Ovolo Hotel in Melb. And if you can’t make it to see us then we offer the complete collection online and work with the power of technology and communication - styling you remotely via email, skype or telephono.

When is the next Trunk Show?
Sydney - Monday 27 August to Saturday 15 September

Melbourne - Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 September

Online - Thursday 23 August to Thursday 20 September

When do I get my clothes?
Delivery for our High Summer Collection is middle of November. For our Sydney clients, or those who can make it back to the salon - we invite you to make another appointment to come in and try everything on - if anything needs tweaking we then organise it and will arrange further delivery.

For our Melbourne and online clients we post the styles to you - you can then try on at home and if we need to make any adjustments we talk about it over the phone and get some Aust Post and alterations action happening to make it perfecto. Takes a little bit longer but we do get there.

What if the clothes don’t work?
We shed no tears for fears. It’s all good. We obviously want the clothes to work but if they are not playing cricket, then we just have to step away and say - see you later alligator. There is no obligation on your behalf to accept a piece that doesn’t fit, we just refund your 50% deposit on that style. We are very proud of our low returns - and any returns we do end up with, we offer at the end of season saldi.

Why do you operate like this?
We want to offer you the best in service, create clothes that fit you beautifully and make you feel good. While at the same time, creating a business model that deals with the issues around waste and overproduction in the fashion industry.

If you can raise an eyebrow to any of these, then you may enjoy our service:

  • Fall in love with a piece only to be told “Sorry I don’t have your size”
  • “I have no idea what’s hot and what’s not - I don’t really care but I do want to look kind of current…..actually, I do care and I want to look GOOD! But I don’t want to hunt for it….”
  • “One pair of well fitting pants is what I need - forty seven thousand shops to look in - HEEELP!”
  • “Hello hellooooooo” as you stand in the belly of a department store looking to pay or needing assistance in finding a size
  • “Time is gold” - and who wants to waste it hunting for clothes
  • “I hate shopping.”


And then onto the business side - made to order. It’s simply the best way to reduce waste and overproduction right through the supply chain.

You may have read that Burberry destroyed close to AUD $50 million worth of product and perfume last year as a way to get rid of excess inventory. That makes us sad and sick to the belly. And even sadder still, this is common industry practise and it sucks the big one.

The system of manufacturing by mass and by guess work is wrong. Waste is all that is left with this system. It puts pressure on people and it puts pressure on the environment and we do not like it, not one little bit.

We believe all designers and manufacturers should all be making what you guys want - no guesswork - no waste - we need to flip this manufacturing industry! Time for change is now!

So that is why we are creating our made to order world.

Tahdahhhh…….(steps off soap box)

Interested + Perplexed, we are hoping this helps you understand what we do but please contact us directly if we can clarify anything!

Thank you for getting in touch!

Yours in a pro slow world,
Alexia and Sophie xoxoxo



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