We're Wearing The Change for Refugee Week!

This week is Refugee Week! To celebrate, we're joining our friends at The Social Outfit to Wear the Change. If you haven't heard of The Social Outfit, it's a non-profit social enterprise that actively trains and employs people from refugee and new migrant communities. To top that off, they're fellow lovers of slow fashion!! 

Wear the Change challenges us to pick one ethically and sustainably made garment, and wear it and style it in different ways each day this week! Funds raised through the challenge will go toward The Social Outfit's support of women in refugee and new migrant backgrounds through training and employment pathways in the fashion industry.

Here at GDG HQ, we've chosen our favourite piece from this season - Alexia will be rocking the Paddington Shirt, Sophie's donning her NYC Pants, and Kayleigh, her Venetian Top.

You can join in on the styling fun and take on the challenge yourself, or if you'd like to donate to our team, we would love your support! 

Thank you!!! xoxoxox



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