Fashion Revolution - We Made your Clothes

Who made my clothes? Why thank you Belinda and Jo for asking! 

Many hands!

The manufacturing of clothing is a complex process, there is no magic button that just shazams out a shirt or a jacket. In Sydney we have a small but very busy local industry and Good Day Girl is committed to this - we like to be able to see your clothing being made with our own eyeballs and to see the talented people who make it for you. Let us introduce you to the lovelies who make it happen!

HOLA! Here we are lying down on the job - we are responsible for designing, fabric picking and working with the following awesome talents...

Edwina is your pattern maker. Edwina interprets our dodgy sketches, verbal or acted out concepts and ideas for each season. She is like the engineer - making the patterns and adjusting them to get the fit jussssst right. Highly skilled and very good at telling us noooooo, that will not work! We love her assertiveness.Hello team at the Fashion Production Company. This lively crew are hands on in creating our first toiles, then first, second and sometimes third sample. This process is high on experimentation - and requires muchas patience and persistence by all. Queen of the fit, Gina. We j'adore her mind and her bod. Gina has been fitting labels in Sydney for most of her career and knows exactly what is right and not right with a sample - too tight across the back? Not enough girth? Seat too short? Gina always has the answers and is highly skilled at self-pinning. We see Gina about five times in the lead up to creating the collection. She tries everything on until we get it right.Hello Tom! Actually, before Tom, we have Berty and Christian the graders (we didn't get them on the vid!) - their job is a technical one. They take the paper pattern, scan it and then create the different sizes for each pattern. As we like to make more sizes than not, sometimes we do a size 4 to a size 20 - we keep them nice and busy. Back to Tom! Tom is plotting the graded pieces of each pattern onto a program that creates the "marker" - this then gets printed off and layered over the fabric - it's the blueprint for the cutting process. The program he is on makes a sound like space invaders every time a piece is moved. FUN!

Helloha Tommy! Along with playing guitar, Tommy is an ace with the cut. He drives the cutting machine through layers and layers of fabric, straight, zig zagging and curves a plenty. It's all about precision here and Tommy has loads of it. Van is a member of the sewing team at Sphinx. Here she is working on your Stirling Blouse from this season. Everything is done by hand, stitch by stitch. Thank you Van! The sewing team at Sphinx work on different machines - ones that specialise in pockets, button holes, overlocking, denim, jersey - no two are the same. It's skill on skill.After the sewing process, every piece is then taken to Maria for finishing. With her snippy snippers, Maria gets the threads and does a once over to make sure everything is aok. Post finishing, comes the pressing of each piece. Hello Le! Le makes sure all the freshly sewn seams are pressed down, collars and cuffs strong and your styles are free of wrinkles. Steam ironing - toot toot!Angharad is our gatekeeper. Her eagle eyes go through each piece making sure the stitching is 100% - along with Angharad we have a team of lovely girls who come in each season to work with us. All eyes on the prize! Angharad will never eat the chocolate, but she will eat kale in abundance. #healthyMarcelle - you gorgeous thang! Marcelle has been working with us for quite some time, pre-Good Day Girl in fact! Along with giving your clothes their individual labels, Marcelle also works on the QC - and anything else that has to happen to get our season delivered in time. MUAH!

So there you have it! The people and the processes of making a Good Day Girl Collection. All in a days work!!! xoxoxoxo

Big thank you Hattie Morgan of 52 Flicks for the great vid and shots!



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