We are a B Corp!

So we have some Big news - our local Paddington business has hit the global stage and is now a Certified B Corp! WOHOOOO!!!!

What's a BCorp we hear you say?!?!? B Corporation was set up in the USA in 2006 as an idea of redefining success in business. It gives a third party accreditation for companies that use the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. It’s a bit like what Fair Trade is to coffee.

We'd heard about it a while ago but at the beginning of last year we decided to give it a crack and we were very fortunate to get the help of a fab girl, Kirsty Simmonds who helped whip us into shape.

It was a very lengthy and intricate process and it basically meant opening up our business operations for B Corporation to analyse from the perspective of how we operate with our community, the environment, social, our governance and customers. They asked us many, many, maaannnny questions and we had to provide lots of back up information as well as have phone interviews to clarify everything.

Anyway - this process took about a year, but just as were closing in on New Years Eve - we got the green light on our accreditation - making for a fab way to kick off 2018. WOOT WOOT!

We are pumped! There are about 2400 certified B Corps in the world, some of these include the big guns like Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s and then there are awesome local businesses that you may have heard of like Emma and Tom’s Juices, Stone + Wood Brewery, Koskela or Australian Ethical, the investment biz.

What we really love is joining the bigger community of BCorps who are all on a mission to do business for good. And as a small business like ours, being able to join such a dynamic group is absolute gold.

It was fab to celebrate our new B Corp status with the girls at our Winter Fashion show and even better to give them a taste of two of our fellow B Corpers - Who Gives a Crap, an ethical and eco inspired toilet paper company that donates 50% of its profits to helping build toilets for those in need across the world and Eat Me Chutney, a Sydney based operation that addresses food waste to make amazing chutneys from a home recipe.

Onwards an upwards!




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