Good Listening: Wardrobe Crisis

Journalist and activist, Clare Press has been continuing her force for good throughout this new world order. Her recent podcast on Wardrobe Crisis brings focus to the impact Covid-19 is having on garment workers across the world. It's a really good listen.

While all manufacturing is being adversely affected, its the people who have no safety net, predominantly those garment workers living in third world countries who are going to be hit hardest. 

As consumer demand stalls, big fashion businesses (mostly fast fashion) are at a loss. So they are cancelling orders (even though the goods may have been made), not paying for orders (even though the goods may have been delivered) and not creating any new orders.

Social entrepreneur and Founder of Remake, Ayesha Barenblat, has used her platform to send a key message to these businesses "Pay Up." 

Clare always inspires you to think and get excited about being a part of positive change.

We highly recommend going for a walk and listening to this podcast and while you are there it's definitely more than worth the free subscription.




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