Fashion - it's hands-on!

The fashion business is a hands-on affair. From growing the materials to design through to production, each garment as it's being created, is touched by many hands. When we step into a big department store groaning with merchandise - it's easy to forget that all of the pieces are made by hand, by someone who has a story of their own.

Good Day Girl really thrives on being a local business. We love being able to catch up with the talents who make our clothing, getting to know the individuals and listen to their stories. Here are a few of the awesome talents we are working with on the new collection. 

Plus - we'd love to reveal what they and we have been working so get in touch to bags your seat at the fashion show or to book your appointment!

Good Day Girl Winter Fashion Show
Saturday 22 February at 3.30pm - Phoenix Hotel, 1 Moncur Street, Woollahra
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Trunk Show
Monday 24 February to Saturday 14 March - Appointments daily (friends welcome!)
Contact us here to grab your time

Thank you for playing in our slow fashion world - it's the adventurous lovelies like you who are helping change the mindset from fast to slow - while at the same time, supporting local industry. We believe that by reducing overproduction in the fashion industry and focusing on a made to order business model, we can absolutely reduce the waste that is created through the entire production chain. 


Big thanks to Kayleigh Yap for playing with us and for the shots.


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Geraldine Bull

Geraldine Bull

Please don’t ever stop while I’m alive. I dread having to go anywhere else to dress myself as well as you do for me.

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