Virtual Summer Appointments
Funnily enough we've been offering remote styling appointments for a few seasons. And we really enjoy them! It's suped-up online shopping....brrrrooom brrrroooom!
  • you see the styles and fabrics up-close
  • you tell us how you like to wear your clothes so we can help put looks and styles together
  • we get to chat about the fits of the clothes so we iron out any sizing questions
We've used Whatsapp, Facetime and Skype - we transport you into the Paddington salon and you transport us to wherever you are!

High Summer Made to Order Collection launches October 2020!

Online Store - Saturday 10 October to Saturday 24 October
Video Styling Appointments - Tuesday 13 October to Saturday 24 October
Salon Appointments - Tuesday 13 October to Saturday 24 October

For more information or appointments or email us here



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