Video - Who Makes Your Clothes?

Fashion Revolution Week is here. It’s five years since more than 1100 garment workers lost their lives and more than 2000 people were injured at Rana Plaza, Bangladesh.

The Fashion Revolution movement that stemmed from this tragedy has brought global attention to unsafe and unfair working conditions for people in the fashion industry and calls for greater transparency across the vast supply chain of fashion - we applaud them for it.

The question, “Who made my clothes” is essential but in the case of Good Day Girl and most other businesses that produce clothing - cannot be answered by one person. It takes a team......teams….of talented people who all make it happen.

We love the process of making a collection - it’s a multi-step and multi-skilled dance. Each step relates to the next and is of equal importance. As Good Day Girl manufactures locally in Sydney, we get to see this happening in person. 

So to celebrate Fashion Revolution Week we are introducing you to the many people and the processes that it takes to make your clothes. We hope you enjoy this little insight into how its done. xo

Big thank you Hattie Morgan of 52 Flicks for capturing the vid! You rock! xoxoxo



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