Video Tawk Time!
Sunday night got messy. It's amazing how much damage one can do embracing a new way of communicado.

Key learnings?
1. Don't pour your glass until everyone has logged on
2. Have a big bottle of water on the go
3. Have substantial snacks, chips just won't cut it
4. After three hours of power, just pull the plug....if you are on a desktop...literally....

Though, gee it was fun!

If you, like us, are not a digital native....or prefer to be more touchy feely (soooo not cool right now...) we have done some research on the best video tools that will keep your friendships, family stoushes and variable social drinking issues at bay.

One of the original video chat platforms. Skype is great for personal use, letting you keep in touch with friends and family wherever they are (as long as they have Skype too). You can talk for up to 4 hours (with up to 50 people, if you so please)... and for free! 
Download the app on mobile or desktop here.
WhatsApp is great for four mates and under. You can see yourself on the screen in equal measure and works on mobile and desktop. Plus, you can talk for aaages.
Available on AndroidiOS or desktop.

Heard of Zoom but not sure what it is? Yeah, us too. Zoom is currently one of the more popular video chat apps. Using the free option, calls with 3+ people are limited to 40 minutes... but on the plus side, the call can support up to 100 people (partayyy!)
Download the app on Android, iOS and desktop here.

Facebook Messenger
Anyone with a Facebook account can play with this one - its fairly straight forward and if you are on Facebook then no doubt you have entered this world. Chat with over 100 friends......!!!
Download the app on Android, Iphone and desktop here.
Google Duo
Google Duo lets you call up to 8 people. A fun feature is the “Knock Knock” feature, which means that you get a live preview of the person calling you before you even pick up! Video calls are unlimited, and if you already have a Google account, you don’t have to sign up! 
Available on AndroidiOS or use the web version.
Since the recent crackdown on house parties, here’s a great alternative while we are social distancing. You can easily drop in and out of a group chat, and it has inbuilt games! We’ll definitely be looking into this one for the upcoming weeks...
Available on iOSAndroidmacOS and Chrome.


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