Video Appointments
Book an online appointment with us and we'll style you up with video chat - ooooh-lalalaa! This season, to complement our regular online store, we are offering a new service that enables you to book a remote appointment with us. 

How will it work?
  • Book an appointment with us during our  Sydney Trunk Show (Monday 18 Feb to Saturday 9 March)
  • We'll call through video chat of your choice (WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype...)
  • We'll take you through the collection piece by piece, showing you fabrics up close
  • We'll chat with you about the fits, what you are missing in your wardrobe, what kinds of pieces you like to wear, how you like to wear your clothes (loose, fitted, a mix etc) and where you are wearing your clothes (casual, work etc)
  • You will tell us what styles you would like more info on
  • We will then email your personalised Style Sheet with the selected pieces
  • You can then ponder it up and decide what you may like to order

As a rough guide, online appointments will take 30 to 45 minutes.
To book your online appointment get in touch with us here!



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