Top Summer Picks

It's that winner-winner guessing time again! As we steam into summer, we're as excited as ever to spot the top six movers and shakers according to YOU. As perrrrr usual our Paddington Shirt has kept it's rank as one of the top six, while some new additions have swooped the other top spots.

#1 Miko Pants
Ultra light-weight with a relaxed tailored cut, these are a cool cotton pant with a classic shape and enough stretch to keep them comfortable and breezy all summer! Super versatile you can pair them with shirts or a tee to dress-up or keep things casual. Offered in four great colours, you can roll up the hem for a crunchy casual vibe or pair them with a killer set of heels for a striking take on formal wear.
Discover Miko Pants here.

#2 Saltburn Shirt
Light, playful and relaxed, you can prim this little gem up by buttoning it high, or wear the collar open for a more chilled-out spin around town look. We love that it's marked it's spot in the top six, as it oh-so versatile and a joy to wear. Pair it tucked-in to your Miko pants, knot it over a skirt or let it hang loose to channel the airy feel even more. Made from super light and soft cotton that breathes like a dream, you'll be good to go all summer long in your choice of self-whit stripe, black or navy polkadot.
Discover the Saltburn Shirt here.

#3 Cardigan
Go the Cardigan! This little linen cardi is a true summer love affair! Neat fitting and cool, it styles well loose and open, and is also fab when cinched in with a belt. We suggest making it part of your outfit from the get-go, or throwing it in your bag as your secret weapon for when the aircon kicks in. A happy traveller!
Discover the Cardi here.

#4 normandy Dress
This dress is seriouslyyyy sophisticated and ultra flattering - no wonder it's a winner! Boasting external dart features, this dress although not super tight is a master shaper. Designed in cool denim, navy and black with a high neck, back zip and fit'n flare style, the fabric has enough stretch to make it super comfy but still firm enough to hold it’s shape. We see you wowing any room you enter in this beauty, and while we’ve kept it long, the option's there if you’re more of a knee-length kinda gal.
Discover Normandy Dress here.

#5 Paddington Shirt

It's a go-to! Relaxed across the body with a fitted shoulder and no darts, the Paddington shirt has good body length, with a little more on the back so it's totally tuckable but looks equally good hanging out. We love the white all crisp and ironed, but equally we love the relaxed look and are introduing our denim and coral soft cotton stripe this summer!
Discover the Paddington Shirt here.

#3 Marbella Dress
Release your inner ruffle! This dress is glam joy in fun navy polkadot, dove blue, tobacco or black you've got options galore! Sleeveless with a not too plungy V neck and gathered panels that create a soft flow of rolling ruffles in a swing style shape, this is your ultimate summer day fun dress! Dress this number up or down and even go bold by wearing with pants or a Cali skirt for extra flow. 
Discover Marbella Dress here.



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