Top Summer Movers & Groovers

While our makers might be raising their eyebrows over matching stripes.... it's not an easy task.... you're loving it... as are we!

This linen from Japan exudes a chic and chilled sensibility - denim by nature offers it's own rancho relaxo charm while the bias cut style points to the notion of '70s free-lovin-livin. Just what we are needing right now. The elasticated waistband assures ease while the pockets will keep you together. Winner.

Smart, beautiful and a big heart - oh stop it!

This blouse has been described as the perfect blouse for those who are not into blouses, yet it also works for those who are a lover of the blouse. Contradiction run wild! All we know is this style has been working a treat on many a bod. The neckline can be worn back-to-front and front-to-back (smart), the fabric is an incredibly light and sumptuously soft (beautiful) and a big heart? Well that's you!

Breezy summer top with a sleeve - tick! 

Wategos, after it's namesake is chic, cool and long summer loving. The neckline has an elastic feature that creates the little gathers and looks as good done up as it does open and loose. The broderie detailing on the sleeve of the white and navy adds a gorgeous femme twist while the all stripe navy number keeps you on the straight and narrow.

"Now that's a good pant." 

This is the only time we will let the word pant fly..... it may not be grammatically or sartorially correct but adding an 's' to the word pant, just reduces the squirm factor. But we digress...... Lido is a good style. Pull on these puppies and they sit higher on the waist, are super comfy with the elastic on the back, but don't give you a paunch as the front waist is flat. We are making these cropped and also keeping them long - just the way you like it.

Every season girls, every season. 

The Paddington Shirt is a stayer in our top movers and groovers of the collections and we are absolutely thrilled the seersucker is hitting the mark. If not for any other reason than being able to say seersucker a few times each day. Look, not much to report apart from AWESOME! The navy is divine and the white just screams summer. Happy days with this classic.



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