Top Movers + Shakers!

DRUM ROLLLLLL! It's time to reveal the movers and shakers of the High Summer Made to Order Collection. We love that you are the ones to tell us what to make. It drastically reduces the waste of making our "guesses" and you get what you want! Never to run out of your size - woot woot! So here they are - the top five styles for High Summer 2018:
Slow FashionOur love of this style continues - the photos don't do this fabric any justice - yet when you see it in da flesh, it comes to life. When is the tech world going to create a touch-me-feel-me-magic-button? Your words - 'ohhh it's so soft....oh the fabric....that navy stripe is stunning...feels so doesn't feel like a strict shirt...'
Slow Fashion Good Day GirlMore comments on this style regarding the lightness of the fabric - it really is hard to convey in words. But the fact that Katia could do the splits in these pants, really says it all. Available in navy, charcoal and black - Miko has your softly tailored summer covered.
Looks like fun is on the A-G-E-N-D-A! We say BRING-IT-ON! This piece has surprised many of you stylers - gathering at the neckline can be hazardous for those who have been graced with a generous bust-line, yet Cartagena is good for all. Cinching at the waist works a treat, either by tucking or wrapping up in a belt. Available in navy and black - let those shoulders be loose!
"Are short sleeve shirts in again?" Watch this space! Nice Shirt especially in the light, white self-check fabric feels like you are wearing nothing - which is a big tick for our upcoming long hot summer. You can go Daisy Duke style, rolling up the sleeve and tie at the front or upsize it and get on the I'm-wearing-a-big-shirt-and-I-don't-care bandwagon - both as now as each other.
Well tickle us PINK! Another fabric that feels incredible - super soft and light - also available in black. Although a hit of pink is definitely the way forward. Very Schiaparelli. Stunning with the navy and the whites - an ideal cover for freezing offices with over excited air cons or for those who love a little more arm coverage. Pretty in!








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