Thank you + Happy Holidays
To our most gorgeous GDG friends,

Thank you so much for allowing us to pursue life with creativity, purpose, and a desire to do things differently. 

Choosing to support an independent business that's a little out of the ordinary takes courage and we absolutely appreciate you for that.

Like everyone on this planet, we've had a ride of a year. While we've been able to deliver a summer collection, we won't be able to create a winter collection for you - which is a big BOOOO, but is indeed, life.

So we are going to take the summer off and do what the sign says,"chill."

We're so incredibly grateful to have met you, laughed with you, and been inspired by the amazing force for good that you are.

We wish everyone of you and your families much love and will be in touch in the new year.

Big virtual hugs,
Alexia, Sophie, Kayleigh and Alfie

P.S. Jazz hands to Jeff McCann for capturing our fantasy summertime vibes so well. xoxoxo



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