Summer Shooooow!

It was a tropical affair! A big thank you to all who came and donned the Pineapple Glasses to watch our Summer Fashion Show at the Hughenden. The sun was shining and there was a whisper of summer in the air - lucky us!

A big thank you to our team - Marcelle, Columbia, Sasha, Tamara, Tania, Gina and Tilly for helping us put it all together and to Bondi Wash for the treats on the seat.

And Vittorio for the photos - gracias amigos!




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Rosemary Noonan

Rosemary Noonan

STUNNING I LOVE THE COLOURS & the designs look great.
I’m sorry I missed the show but it was best not to share my cold with all those lovely ladies.
I’d love to make an appointment for this week or next?

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