Summer Inspiration

When you think of colour in the form of happiness, Henri Matisse is a sure thing. The combos, the vibrancy and the mood hits all the buttons and sometimes may make you want to dance to this.....

Our summer collection is a little bit brighter than usual with a fab burst of orange and cornflower blue to work back with the navies and whites......

Super stylin, Renée Perle, was the first muse of French photographer Henri Jacques Lartigue. It was in the south of France where their two year affair was documented in hundreds of photos he took, that reflects the love and innate style of Renée. Teaming knitted tank tops, palazzo pants and stacks of silver bangles was definitely not the norm of the early 1930s, but has carved sartorial direction that has been referenced ever since.

It's abbbbsolutely faaaaaabulousssss! If ever there was a time to really dive into the styling and wearing of the Beach Pyjama - surely it is now. We've been doing quite a lot of research into where to wear these super chic, comfy fluid dreamboats and it seems that from the 1920s and 1930s pyjama dressing not only covered the Beach but also the Garden and entertaining at home with the Hostess Pyjama. This style is not only liberating as it was one of the entry points to women wearing more pants but it also says - wear what you like, when and where you like it - comfort is queen. Here are some of our favourites!

High Summer Made to Order Collection launches October 2020!

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