Summer in the Making

With the weather starting to give a summer vibe, we're well and truly in the process of making your cool wearing styles - woot woot! While there is no Jetsons' style futuristic button to make things in a flash, there is a line up of talented individuals who are at the forefront of each piece of the production process. Let's take you through some of the lovelies........

You well know Alexia. She is in charge of the production and manages it from the orders through to the finished style. Here she is reviewing the orders and from this list, she will make the "Cut Sheet" which outlines how many different sizes there are for each style and how many of each size needs to be made.

Marilena works closely with Alexia on grading the styles. The grading process gives us the varying sizes, in some styles we go from a size 4 to a size 20 so there are lots of elements to look at. Marilena then plots the pattern pieces using some techno, and creates the markers. 

Here is the said, marker. This one is for our Calvi Dress. We try and reduce as much fabric waste in this process, so the idea is to see as much colour as possible (pattern pieces) and the least amount of white (which represents the fabric). You can see here that the Calvi Dress has eight different sizes and within each size, ten different pattern pieces.

Hello George! What a trooper. The marker is printed out on pattern paper and given to George, who will lay it upon the multi-layered fabric. He uses his super fast saw-like cutting machine to follow the lines on the marker and cut out the pattern pieces......presto! These are then bundled up ready for sewing.

Here is the Santa Cruz Skirt being laid out, ready for cutting.

Lovely Li! Li has had her own sewing and making business for more than ten years. She works closely with George, and they are a great team. Straight from the cutting table to the land of the stitching machine. Brrrrrmmmm brrrrrmmmmm!

Li has been busy sewing the Cardigans, which are made from 100% linen jersey - you can see them below in their bundles. These are a little bit tricky as you can't over stretch the fabric while sewing, otherwise the seams buckle and look softly, softly it goes. And slowly, slowly, we are getting there!

Big thanks to everyone who is working with us to make this collection and a big thanks to you for backing a slow fashion world!



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