Summer in the Hands

Right from the get-go of creating a collection, our hands are busy bees. Measuring to get the right length, pinching fabric in to create enough shape, positioning pockets, re-sketching designs, drawing on toiles to finalise the necklines or pointing to areas that need a little more work – they are indeed instrumental.  

Our High Summer collection has begun – we have created the first toiles – it’s light, it’s lovely – we are designing for comfort, for ease, for the heat of summer but also an elevated sensibility that can lift our spirits.

We have been very fortunate to be working with Annie on this season's patterns. Annie has recently moved back from living in the UK where she was using her pattern making and sewing talents working for another made to order business - wohoooo! Thank you Annie - you are a star!!!!!

Getting necklines right takes time, patience and many samples. Alexia is measuring up on Sophie which is all fine and dandy, however, Sophie has zero in the bust department which means that this neckline on anyone with a bust is going to look totally different. So we have to do a little bit of creative engineering to make it work across the bust board.....

Pocket placement is also important - not too low, not too high.....just right. But again, what's right for some might not be for others. YAY for us all being fabulous variations - life would be so dull if we were all AI machines.....

Shaving off half a centimetre can take a neckline from dowdy to HOT! This is a new summer top that will be made out of a light silk cotton, we are very excited about this style that we can see ourselves floating through summer in. But we must get it right! Back to the chopping board for this one.....

Nothing worse than a front rise that is too short, or a back rise for that matter. Here Alexia is pointing to the case in point. Short front rise or in non-technical terms "crotch" - we will probably do about four to five samples of these light, linen pants to get it right. This one is sample number one - so we are not too far off. Thanks Annie!

Hope you enjoyed this little slow fashion snippet - more to come next week!

High Summer Made to Order Collection launches October 2020!
Online Store - Saturday 10 October to Saturday 24 October
Video Styling Appointments - Monday 12 October to Saturday 24 October
Salon Appointments - Wednesday 14 October to Saturday 24 October

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