Summer Hints
While designing this new summer collection we have been drawn to the notion of the Feel Good Factor. Che? It's about tapping into those accessible and endorphin releasing activities that make us feel good.

Having a belly laugh with a friend, eating a seriously good ice-cream, filling your eyes full of flowers, dipping into the ocean, star spotting in the night sky or having a spontaneous boogie. We each have our own take on them, but they are activities that are available, doable and fills the soul with joy.

The Feel Good Factor is as individual as we are - but it's universal in it's result. 

Joy - it's contagious - how good's that!

Join us in celebrating our Sixth Birthday! We're going to get into party mode with our summer collection - join us for our fashion show where our gorgeous models strut their stuff in the new collection and we arm wrestle for the microphone to tawk you through it. 
Saturday, 24 August at 3.30pm
The Phoenix Hotel, 1 Moncur Street, Woollahra
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Your appointment to try on the collection - we'll style you up and if you'd like to order anything we'll make it in your size. Friends are welcome!
Monday, 26 August to Wednesday, 18 September 2019
Appointments daily at a time to suit you
Good Day Girl Salon, 31 Norfolk Street, Paddington
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We are your digital stylists! All styles will be up online for you to view - we are here to help with sizes so its just a matter of emailing or calling us to start the styling conversation. You can also book a video call appointment with us - sooo high tech!!!!
Monday, 26 August to Wednesday, 18 September 2019
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Deliveries of Summer Collection is mid November 2019.



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