Summer Fabrics!
It's time for a fabric reveal - DIY video style!!!! Click on the above pic to be wowowowed by our high production skills and while you're there get a taste of the season ahead.....! We're keeping it au naturel with linen, linen jersey, cotton and silk cotton blends for their keep it cool properties. And popping it up with a mix of blues, oranges and white - olé!

This season we're working with an incredible mill from Belgium called Libeco - its been producing fabrics for more than 160 years, uses solar and wind power, offsets its carbon emissions and has a zero waste policy that uses up all the scraps. And the fabrics feel and wear beautifully.

High Summer Made to Order Collection launches October 2020!

Online Store - Saturday 10 October to Saturday 24 October
Video Styling Appointments - Tuesday 13 October to Saturday 24 October
Salon Appointments - Tuesday 13 October to Saturday 24 October

For more information or appointments or email us here



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