Styling Session - Yuli

We loved our Styling Session with Yuli, it was three hours of power and we got through her summer styles, editing, mixing and matching to create outfits from what Yuli already owned. Woot woot - we love to unlock the value of an existing wardrobe. We asked Yuli if she wouldn't mind giving us a few words on her experience and we were thrilled with what she gave us. Thank you Yuli!!!

"The styling session I did with Sophie and Alexia was life changing. Before the styling session, I used to have lots of days of “nothing to wear”, “I don’t know what to wear” or even worse “can’t be bothered about what I’m wearing”. When in actual fact, my wardrobe was drowning in a lot of clothing. It was a hit and miss. For the longest time I didn’t care about my appearance because of the predominant belief that we shouldn’t be judged by how we look but our brain and our intention.

Due to my role dealing with multiple stakeholders in the corporate world, my best friend reminded me that first impression matters. What I wear should not only convey my personality, but also the confidence, competence and quality of how I conduct my work. That led my search for the best stylist, but my biggest priority is finding a stylist that embraces slow fashion and capsule wardrobe, and cares for environmental sustainability.

Thankfully Sophie and Alexia came to the scene. They helped me to part ways with clothing pieces that don’t fit me anymore or add value to my look. They took into consideration my needs, my personality, and how we can achieve the best look.

It turned out, I did have a lot of great clothing to wear, I just didn’t know how to mix and match. Add a little accessories like belts can make a huge difference. I also took advantage of the trimming and alterations they offered, and I love how the altered pieces fit me now. Being a petite Asian, often the dresses, shirts or pants are either too long or too big for my body frame. And the best part is, they are all documented in pictures and saved in dropbox for my future reference. My colleagues at work even started noticing the changes in my outfit and complimented me.

I also purchased their white Paddington shirt, and I absolutely love it! It is hands down the most comfortable and versatile shirt I ever wear! I love their styling so much that I will have another session for my winter wear edits!" Yuli

Thank you Yuli, we loved it too!!!!!
For more info on our Styling Session, you can discover it here.



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