Styles - Australian Chamber Orchestra

Photographer Nic Walker has a long history working with the Australian Chamber Orchestra - it's a pleasure to see such an at-ease relationship. While these dark and moody shots are a different beat to Good Day Girl's usual photography style, we wanted to create some imagery to represent the designs and the players - individual, enduring, dynamic and beautiful. A timeless appeal with a nod to the classic and a wink to the avant-garde.

The eight piece Capsule Collection was designed by us, sourcing fabrics and trims from Japan and made in Sydney.

Thank you to the ACO players and team (Robin you rock!) for the opportunity to work with you, design for you and get to know you spirited ones. And thank you to Nic for capturing the essence.

Here are the beauties in order of pics - Helena Rathbone, Elizabeth Woolnough, Satu Vänskä, Melissa Barnard, Maja Savnik, Aiko Goto, Stefanie Farrands and Liisa Pallandi. 





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