Hello Swedish Stockings

It’s just a step to the left, and a step in the riiiiightttt… direction! 

We’re about to RAVE about our fab new find Swedish Stockings… But first, let’s shake a leg to Italy circa '90! With her loooooonggg legs and sultry eyes, in her modelling days our very own Alexia was regularly called upon for leg wear campaigns! Perhaps Alexia was channelling these pool table riding days when we stumbled upon Swedish Stockings - a company changing the hosiery game.

Following in their environmentally-forward country’s footsteps - did you know Sweden recycles alllllll it’s waste into literal power!? In fact they have so much success with this they even produce enough leftover energy to sell to other countries! Swedish Stockings make environmentally conscious pantyhose of all shapes, sizes and styles that are produced from all recycled materials in zero-waste solar-powered factories - talk about powering ahead...

As you might be able to tell, we are proud-as-punch to be selling these sturdy, stretchy and comfy stockings and socks. All designs can be gently hand or machine washed (making use of a garment bag) in cold water. Swedish Stockings are sensational quality, offer realistic sizing, affordable prices and stunning designs, making them our winter warmer go-to’s.

Enjoy some shots of Alexia's (legs) - from 1990 to now!

Alexia donning Swedish Stockings black Rut net tights $41.95

Alexia donning Swedish Stockings black Elvira net tights $45.95Alexia donning Swedish Stockings black Astrid net tights $45.95




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