Restaurant Produce at Wholesale
For more than 17 years, Derek Nicholson of Nicholson + Saville has been supplying Sydney restaurant's...Glebe Point Diner...Bourke Street Bakery...Drake....Merivale .....Porteno.....Bistro Rex...Rockpool.....with produce from local and overseas growers.

He has done a hot-shoe-shuffle and is now supplying us, the general public with his deliciousness. Woot Woot!

It's really good, it's really well priced (wholesale baby).

And they deliver.

The list is extensive - from locally sourced olives to cheeses to meats including chicken, beef, lamb and plenty of salami action for your charcuterie boards.

Derek is awesome and happy to give advice on what to order.

Check out the goods here.



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