Moving the Needle with ABC Compass!

It was a fab morning of filming with The Compass Program for ABC TV - we chatted all things Moving the Needle, slow fashion and textile waste. A very big thank you to our fabulous client, Grace Tam, who gave her views on the importance sustainability in fashion and beyond.

We have been thrilled with the amount of unwanted wears that have landed at our salon - well done you cleansers! A
 very big thank you to all you lovelies who have rummaged through your wardrobes and donated those no-longer wanted wears. We're so proud to be a part of this movement that advocates donation and the reduction of textile waste in Australia. 
Moving the Needle encourages us to consider every new purchase with the intention to donate old clothing to charity. Donating old textiles, buying second hand and being conscious of all new purchases is the best and easiest way for all of us to start closing the loop on the environmental monster that is fast fashion.

The other very important message is not to throw any textile in the bin - nada! Old odd socks, burnt tea towels, threadbare sheets - can all be turned into rags - instead of it ending up in landfill.

What it all means...

The data shows that Australia already generates over 300K tonnes of clothing waste annually. The average Aussie buys 27 kilograms of new textiles per year while simultaneously contributing 23 kilograms to landfill. Moving the Needle aims to reduce this by 20% as of 2020 through championing consumers to extend the life cycle of their clothing through donation and purchase of second-hand fashion.

By bringing together brands and charity retailers such as Salvos, Vinnies and the Red Cross, Moving the Needle aims to show how consumer behavioural change can make an impact. 




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