Moving the Needle

Ever wondered what to do with that odd sock? It’s time to Move the Needle!

We’re thrilled to be working with Salvo’s on their stellar initiative “Moving the Needle” to divert textile waste from landfill. As we saw on ABC’s War on Waste - 6000kg of textiles gets dumped in landfill every ten minutes - it doesn’t break down, the pile just gets bigger and bigger. 

With the help of Salvo’s and their partners, Vinnies NSW and Red Cross Australia - we can start reducing this pile and also change our behaviour around what to do with clothes we no longer wear. 

For a limited time, we’re collecting for Move the Needle and we’re inviting you to clear out your wardrobes and get those textiles into the right hands.

Here’s how you can declutter and help: 

  1. Sort your clean clothing into the three categories and clearly mark the bags (Rags, Mending and Good to Wear).
  2. Bring them in to us at our salon at the times listed below
  3. Enjoy a sigh of relief and decluttering satisfaction

Bag Categories, please clearly mark each bag and fill up with:

  1. Rags - anything in your wardrobe that cannot be worn eg: totally stained t-shirts/shirts and odd socks
  2. Mending - items of clothing that if given some stitching love, can be fixed and worn eg: pants where the hemline has gone down or the zipper doesn’t work
  3. Good to Wear - items of clothing that can be worn eg: that top you bought on holidays and haven’t worn for three years - it’s time to say goodbye!


Good Day Girl Summer Made to Order Clients - Please bring in when you come in for a styling and pick up of your order (appointments from Thursday 14 to Saturday 23 November).

General Open Week - Monday 25 November to Friday 29 November

What happens with your donated clothes?

Rags - these get “ragged” by companies and can be used for such things as insulation for building materials

Mending - these items will be getting fixed to wear

Good to Wear - will be sold through the networks of Salvos, Vinnies NSW and Red Cross Australia, raising money for social programs across Australia

This collection is also vital in understanding what we are discarding, so that Australia develops sustainable options around recycling of textile waste.

If you have any questions about how to participate please email us on




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