Made within 30kms!

Did you know that all of Good Day Girl is made in sunny Sydney? And within 30kms of our corner pocket position in Paddington.

Why does this make us happy slow fashion campers?

  • We get to meet, see and chat with the lovely talented machinists, cutters, finishers and makers who create our pieces - we see with our very own eyeballs styles getting made and that allows us to sleep well at night.
  • We are cheer leaders for our local manufacturing industry, which as we know has been reduced by the option of a cheaper overseas labour market. Supporting our local industry is one of the major ticks B Corp gave us in our certification.
  • We can make smaller quantities and in limited edition - nothing mass here
  • Believe it or not, but when making anything there are always little or little big issues, so being a car ride away makes trouble shooting a tad less hectic
  • The carbon footprint of our production is a small one: no shipping from one side of the planet to another...wrapped in a tonne of's just Paul in his van....and Paul is awesome because when he delivers Alfie gets soooo much love - its happy patting time.

We always love talking about our manufacturing, so if you ever want to chat making, please say hey!





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