It's Fashion Revolution Week! One of the themes for 2020 is #lovedclotheslast so we set ourselves a task to pick from our wardrobes a Good Day Girl piece that we've been wearing as a constant and a non-GDG piece that has been on hot rotation for at least a decade. Here we go!
Alexia's most worn Good Day Girl Style: Paddington Shirt - Spring 2013
"Fave shirt still going from our first collection and pulled out every summer - super cool fabric from Japan and love long sleeves keeping the arms shady!"

Alexia's most long loved + worn piece in her wardrobe
"Like a vintage focused Bower Bird anything embroidered or shiny catches my eye!  I love the attention to detail, the laborious craftsmanship, the intricate designs and wonder where these garments might have been worn - perhaps only once, to a fabulously glamorous party....

I adore this James Galanos jacket, he was a lauded American couturier and fashion designer.  I'm guessing the jacket is 60's, made in brightly coloured striped silk and with an exquisite feather-like embroidery around the collar, like golden plumage.  Worn over a simple camisole or tank and a pair of jeans - it's the perfect going-out piece for my minimum fuss lifestyle. I've had it for more than 20 years - it's a forever jacket that always brings me joy when I put it on!"

Sophie's most worn Good Day Girl Style: Tuxedo Dress - Summer 2014
"This dress has come to the rescue whenever I need to get dressed quickly and look like I have made an effort......shhhhhh!"

Sophie's most long loved + worn piece in her wardrobe
"This t-shirt made me cackle as soon as I saw it on the rack at Robby Ingham more than twelve years ago. Word play is fun! My most favourite time wearing this was hearing Raff's friends yell it across the street as they were working out what it meant. They got it fast and continued to yell it out loud and proud."




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