Love Merino Scarves - WE do!

If there is one material that designers, artisans and luxury brands associate Australia with, it is most certainly Merino Wool. We export most of it, so it's refreshing to find an innovative local business that is nurturing the material from sheep to shawl.

Hello Glenwood Farm and the Smith clan of Wellington, NSW. Pip Smith and her brother in-law, Ian, are co-founders of Love Merino. The farm has been in their family for many moons and has regenerated the land using sustainable farm management practices. They have found an alternative to mulesing their sheep - leading to a very healthy and happy flock.

The sheep are shorn at Glenwood, with wool being processed and woven into a super soft fabric that feels beautiful next to the skin. Shibori, dip-dye and screen printing techniques have been used to create a collection full of colour and texture, with all finishings being done in Sydney. 

Love Merino launched it's first collection of super fine merino wool scarves late last year and we were thrilled to be there at the launch. We loved them so much we wanted to incorporate them into our collection for winter. Here is what we adore.

Moonphase Ink Blue. We love navy, so when we spotted this style that travelled from the depths of navy into the lighter shades of cool blue, it was "yes please!" It brightens up an all-navy-number while contrasting beautifully with the brights.

Moonphase Plum. As we are having a moment celebrating all things burgundy...aka vino....we thought Plum would be a perfect final touch. You can layer it onto all the complementary burg action or put it back with charcoals, which looks just as sweet.

Arashi Black. This just works. It adds texture to an all black ensemble while enhancing the greys. This is a great one to combine with other patterns for a tonal party.

Join the scarf party here.




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