Looking after your KOCO

We're so happy your knits are now with you - thank you again for your patience in waiting for these beauties to arrive - we and the team at KOCO greatly appreciate it.

There were 25 women employed to work on the Good Day Girl knits this season. Your support made a positive impact directly to these women and in turn, their family and community - so good! 

Knitwear continues to be strong on the style radar, we are feeling wayyyy on trend (and early!) for next winter. We've put together tips on care and storage, so read on and if you have any questions please do get in touch with us! 

Although delicate, these knits are actually quite hard-wearing. We've worn ours on hot rotation over the years and they continue to come up trumps. No need to over wash, in fact, we give them a splash once a year….unless there's been an eating malfunction…or you’ve been hanging out by the camp fire….

How to wash your mohair knit

  • In lukewarm water, use a detergent for washing wool, or even baby shampoo. We love Bondi Wash Delicate.
  • Gently hand wash, give it a good shmoosh around the lightly sudsy water
  • Rinse in cool water and gently press out the water in your hands 
  • Lay it out flat in it's natural shape on a towel to dry  
  • When dry, give it a bit of a shake to fluff
  • No tumble dryer

Danielle from KOCO keeps her knits in the freezer! Yes, she'll pop one in a ziplock bag, remove the air from it and then throw it in the freezer for the summer. 

Or, you can also place the bar of Bondi Wash soap (out of the cardboard) amongst the folded knit and either store in an airtight plastic box or you can also store in a clean calico bag or pillow slip.






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