KOCO Collab

How gorgeous! This is our third season working with fellow B CorpKnit One Change One (KOCO) and we are so thrilled to be sent these pics of the girls knitting up our jumpers.

The team sit in a circle and then break out into groups where they check each other’s stitching and learn from their team leader. These photos make us so happy. 😃 Knit One Change One has trained more than 220 women how to knit- it’s teaching new skills, it’s employment and its empowerment. And it’s truly making a positive impact to their lives, their families and their community. We are so thrilled to be working with creator of KOCO, Danielle Chiel and her team. Here are some photos of the girls in action.



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Sancha Dickson

Sancha Dickson

Wonderful to see how happy the women look as they go about creating beautiful things.

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