#imadeyourclothes Fashion Revolution Week 2017

Fashion Revolution Week kicks off next Monday 24th April. The event asks us all to question #whomademyclothes. It's purpose is to spotlight the makers - those who create the clothes we wear. It's intention is to open up transparency in clothing manufacturing across the globe so that everyone who works in the industry are paid well, treated fairly and work in safe conditions - surely not a big ask, but unfortunately it's a question that has to be asked.

One of the many reasons we love working with local manufacturers is that we can pop in our car and visit. We walk into the factories, we talk face-to-face, we can solve problems when they inevitably arise and we can see our styles being made right before our very eyeballs. We know our makers. It's very important to our made to order business.

So we would like to introduce you to our fab makers of Good Day Girl Winter 2017 and give them a big WOHOOO and thanks as we celebrate local manufacturing and Fashion Revolution Week.

In the above photo you will meet the crew from the Fashion Production Company - Danny Dog, Christiaan, Hyeseon, Carmen, Christine and Elinda. You can spy our ROMA blouse on the side wall - they have also been busy with our NYC Pants, CHICAGO Coat and our soft suiting. 

The gorgeous Patricia has been manufacturing for Australian labels for twenty years. Her space has classical music piped through the speakers and we feel totally relaxed as soon as we arrive. Patricia is awesome at many types of fabric but this season she has concentrated on our jersey and knit fabrics - MILFORD KNIT and SCARF, BILBAO and BERLIN COAT as well as the SAN FRAN DRESS and OSAKA TUNIC.

Sasha Dalziel Bruty is keeping the art of couture flower making alive. She has an eye and a talent that allows her to create blooms from all types of fabrics and materials. We were sooo excited she designed and made our leather flowers this season. Each petal is hand cut, twisted and then assembled into the bloom. Sash started her career as a florist, studying in Holland and decided to branch into silk flower making from head pieces to brooches, her pieces are full of wonder and are meticulously created.

Father and son team, Hassan and Tom of Sphinx have been in the Australian manufacturing industry for many, many a moon. Full of fabulous stories and partial to an espresso (with one sugar), these guys know their stuff. They have just invested in a new machine that is perfect for the seams of our NORMANDY TOP - which is super exciting! But they are also excellent shirt makers so PADDINGTON SHIRT is a go-go. We love seeing what the different equipment can do and are pondering the welt pocket or two for Summer 2017.




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