I'm Limited only in Edition

Each Good Day Girl piece is a limited edition - you are the ones who tell us what to produce.⁠⠀
Sometimes we make eight of a style, sometimes we make 108 - it just depends on what's in demand. ⁠⠀
We love this because along with you never hearing "we don't have your size in this" it also means that at the end of the season we're not left with lonely styles in varying sizes that couldn't find a home. ⁠⠀
Which ultimately means, minimal waste.⁠⠀
A win win. ⁠⠀
"I'm Limited Only in Edition" features Venetian Stripe Top under Knit one Change One Kullu Cardi with Highland Fling Skirt and Bermuda Black belt⁠⠀

Launching this Friday 21 Feb online or book your appointment to come and see it in da flesh!⁠

Sydney Trunk Show
Monday 24 February to Saturday 14 March 
31 Norfolk Street, Paddington 

Online Video Appointments
Monday 24 February to Saturday 14 March

Contact us here to grab your time

Big thanks to Tom at Digital Habitus, stylist Erin Fairs and model, Alex Woll



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