We Shopped our Collection!
It's usual that we decide right at the very end of the Trunk Shows what we would like to be wearing for the season.....this time, we flipped it and started fresh, picking out pieces that we can see ourselves donning come May.
Alexia - Navy, grey & white - it’s a no-brainer combo – the high-waisted, super stretchy NYC PANTS are going to be my go-to this season, add the PADDINGTON SHIRT to sharpen up the look and throw on the softly textured BILBAO COAT for comfy, chic warmth.  Easy!
Sophie - As much as my love of navy is strong, when I wear black it sends me to my dark happy place where I can flirt with the long lost idea of being a goth....not really...but maybe...so being able to wear these super comfy stretch NYC PANTS under this easy going OSAKA TUNIC makes me a happy goth camper....
Alexia - I’ve always been drawn to men’s tailoring  so the pin stripe LONDON PANTS and BASQUE JACKET are right up my sartorial street – but I do like a bit of feminine juxtapositioning tooooooo so the ROMA BLOUSE with it’s GRRRRR snow leopard print works a treat and I’m belting my jacket at the front for a nipped-in waist!
Sophie - The MANALI knits have been teasing me since they arrived, they honestly feel like fairy-floss that doesn't dissolve. What colour? I could go them all....apart from the grey which makes this translucent skin look....well even more translucent. Am going the red as I loooove the combo with these navy pinstripe LONDON PANTS. But I promise to wear a black bra next time....nasty! Where was the stylist?
Alexia - The DC SKIRT in navy pin-stripe is sharp and comfy all in one; stretchy but firm, worn back with the OSLO BLOUSE with it’s back tie and tails – I feel I could almost conduct an orchestra – now wouldn’t that be the coolest job on earth???
Sophie - As an avid pant(s) wearer and someone who does sketchy maintenance on her legs....I tend to avoid skirt action. That said, this DC SKIRT feels amazing and I can pretend to be Melanie Griffith (pre-surg) Working Girl in it. Adding the VERONA KNIT in the grey (that I can just about get away with), with it's swish-kabab shirt tale, am starting to feel like my chic is together.
Alexia - my faded, worn-in jeans get their chic on with the CUSCO PONCHO worn under the super-light wool gauze BERLIN CARDI-COAT; and because I’m into to a bit of pattern clashing the LOVE MERINO scarf in black shibori…keeping it all tone on tone
Sophie - ahhh denim, you can't go wrong....even if you are in some strange short over jean action. Only in Japan.....resistance was futile! Wearing these puppies with our BASQUE JACKET in the navy pinstripe seems like the perfect pairing for when I am not in full pinstripe regalia.



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Ma quanto siete belle !! e brave !!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

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