How to Tie a Scarf - Workshop

Scarves are one of those collectables that hold many memories and are hard to let go - thus we tend to keep them stashed. Some of our clients tell us they have separate wardrobes for their scarves....and some say they smuggle new ones into the house as they have made a promise never to buy another scarf......but they do....

To make sure we are using them, its a good to learn how to wear them. So we would love you to come along to our Winter Scarf Tying and Layering event at the salon!

In the afternoon session you will learn a new knot or two and get tips on how to layer up your tops, shirts, jumpers, jackets and coats. 

Saturday 27 May at 3pm
Good Day Girl Salon - 31 Norfolk Street, Paddington
RSVP to or call us on 02.9368 1423

Come along and bring a scarf or two - it will be fun!




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