But why?

Hello from the corner!

We’ve been shakin’ our tail feathers at Good Day Girl HQ and hope you have been too!

While designing the new collection, we took a moment to ponder - why do we love what we do? Along with you - our fabulous zesty clients who inspire and are indeed our source of energy - it’s the little things….the pleasures you can grasp from every day activities.....like sticking pins into small decorative objects......

In just under four weeks we hit the launch button on our next made to order collection - woot woot! We’d love to see you at either the Fashion Show or your own appointment, here are the deets:

Good Day Girl Winter Fashion Show
Saturday 22 February at 3.30pm
Phoenix Hotel, 1 Moncur Street, Woollahra
RSVP here

Trunk Show
Monday 24 February to Saturday 14 March
Appointments daily (friends are welcome)
Contact us here to grab your time

Thank you for playing in our slow fashion world - it's the adventurous lovelies like you who are helping change the mindset from fast to slow - while at the same time, supporting local industry. We believe that by reducing overproduction in the fashion industry and focusing on a made to order business model, we can absolutely reduce the waste that is created through the entire production chain. 


Big thanks to Kayleigh Yap for playing with us and for the shots.



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I love your heartfelt approach and joyous expression. Your Christmas card was so unique made me smile. Looking forward to your Feb show.

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