Hello new Lucky Dip!

Well what have we here? It’s our spanking new Lucky Dip! 

This is the new permanent spot on the Good Day Girl website that houses a melange of sartorial bliss. It speaks to those who love to rumble in the jumble and may enjoy a bargain or two.

The idea behind it is to expand our horizons to offer you along with Collection Samples a place to find Vintage pieces, Upcycled pieces, Pre-loved or Pre-worn items as well as fabulous limited edition experiments in style using our remnant fabrics. 

It’s about keeping clothes in the loop, adding some unexpected spice to your collections and having some fun along the way.

In our first release you will find samples from previous collections - these are the pieces that we make to try on at the Trunk Shows. We’ve also added some spice with vintage and pre-loved. 

To make it a little easier, we have sectioned it off into sizes - jump in and have a look around and any questions, just get in touch with us! 




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