Directions : Winter Made to Order Collection

Designing this new collection we really wanted to focus on the detail and of course the fabrics. We wanted to play with mixing up the fabrics and delving into the world of trims and tone. Our aim was to create a touch of interest in each piece so there was a little wow-factor but at the same time design pieces that would be no brainers to put on in the morning….so you don’t have to think, you just grab them.

So this collection is meant to be really, really easy to get your head around and to throw on. It all intermixes and is very travel friendly....just the way you like it!

Breaking down the winter collection, there are seven key directions.

Burgundy Bliss 
Anything that suggests vino is an excellent place to start. We are having a little affair with these shades - from a long line cardi in burgundy wool to our cherry all weather coat - add a splash by piece, or pile it on together for a lush harvest.

This classic pattern is having a resurgence. The key to wearing it is to either keep it super chic mixing it back with a white shirt or mixing the stripe out of it! Patterns, horizontal stripes, brooches, scarves are all invited to the party. We are also loving putting the grey stripe jacket back with the navy stripe pants and skirt - or visa versa.

Texture + Tone
Wearing a single colour is one of the easiest ways to dress - but girls, you need to mix up the fabrics so you don't look like a walking Flat Stanley. This season we have gone heavy on texture especially in the navy and greys - we have created tops with faux layers and chosen fabrics where your finger tips can describe the pattern. Come play.

Winter Light
If this look isn't the height of appearing like you've got your chic together then throw us to the wolves. Even if you are too dirty to wear it yourself, when you spot someone sauntering this getup you can't help but give them a big style tick. Join them - the secret is washable fabrics - and all these are - oh yes they are, they are, they really are!!!!!

Light as a feather and as warm as toast - no cliché has ever spoken greater truth. We are delighted to be collaborating again with Danielle Chiel and her team of knitters in India. We love their beautiful work and we admire what Danielle is creating in her Knit One Change One business. A stunning piece to wear all winter long for many moons to come.

Minimalism is having a surge and not in a minimal way. With blogs like and Queen of declutter, Marie Kondo, the world is being enticed with less is more. And it works! If you are not into minimalism for your day-to-day, consider it when packing - it makes getting dressed while travelling a breeze.

And for those who worship at the shrine of Mae West: "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." We agree and this is for you. Dressing is meant to be fun - we are lucky to be able to have fun with it - so let's give it a red hot go. Leader in this field is Alessandro Michele, designer of Gucci, he's having a riotous time pushing a label that had suffered from the ho-hums into a brave new world. It's definitely something we can all flirt with, from the min to the max!

Good Day Girl Winter Made to Order Collection

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